Saturday, June 9, 2007

Big Ole Bill is 24

Hey everybody, it was my birthday this past week so I got my self some new books with my money from working part time at Kinko's. I got The art of Surfs up which is fantastic even though the movie does not look so hot. I also got the Art of Pirates of the Caribbean, very very good too. However the best present came from my sister who is teaching English in Japan. She gave me the "Art of Totoro", which is pure gold from cover to cover, I strongly recommend getting it on Amazon if you can.


mauricio salmon said...

cool bill, happy late b-day.. the totoro book looks great! i actually just bought a book the other day.. cartoon modern.. great book with lots of 50's animation concept work.

Bill Ferguson said...

Awsome. I am trying to build up a library of animation art books. I also was recomended to buy "The Illusion of Life".

Duncan Barton said...

bill! more great stuff! I'm liking your tiger painting down there, can't wait to see it finished!