Saturday, December 1, 2007

MIST is so Cazy!!! SEE IT!!!!!

Man, I just got back from seeing the movie the "Mist" and it is INSANE!! An edge of your seat plot that is intellectual, terrific, and sadistically horrifying at the same time. The antagonist was played so diabolically well I cheered when they blew her character away. I am not much of a horror fan but if you are see this movie!!!!!! It was phenomenal and I don't think I will ever sleep again!! Just at least until I balance the spectrum out by seeing Enchanted.


Josh Hoye said...

I wanted to see that. But I wasnt sure about it. Ill have to go check it out now.

Steve Schwartz said...

i remember reading the short story in high school, but i can't remember it much. i'll have to check it out when i have the time. cheers!