Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Back from the Big Easy!!!

Hey it's Albert playing a Banjo

And boy was it ever easy living! I just got back yesterday from New Orleans. A friend of the family wanted a 5'x8' painting commission done and I got the chance to stay in her place and live it up for a couple of days as payment.

If you have not been, New Orleans is a fantastic place to visit and the cities colorful past, architecture, ghosts, voodoo, food, art and music provide endless inspiration for any type of artist. I also learned that their basketball team is amazing. The trip also included a star sighting, if any body knows who Paula Deen from the Food Network is. I saw her getting out of a limo at a restaurant called Jacquemos (which has the best Soul food and Cajun food in New Orleans). She is even sexier in real life! I told her to give you a mac and cheese shout out on "Paula's Home Cookin" Mike Corrick.

I will show more updates of the painting as it progresses in the days to come. Holla Chillen !!!


Sorrentino said...

L U C K Y ! ! !

Josh Hoye said...

Awesome! what a deal. Cant wait to see that painting.

Paul Shardlow said...

I particularly like your doodle/sketchbook pages. Please feel free to link to me at shardlowart.blogspot etc
Paul Shardlow

mike corrick said...

hahahahaha I didnt know albert could rock that hard