Friday, April 4, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears Hell Yeah !

Who cares about Arsenic I am taking one of these guys home!

Sorry for the absence Ladies and Gents. I have been sick with digestive track problems for the past month. However I also have some new projects a clickin.

I am fortunate to have the chance to volunteer at a local Natural Science Museum right in my home town. I am working on a float that will be pulled down a Canal for an upcoming Arts Festival. The museum is awesome and they have replicas of some amazing prehistoric skeletons ranging from a Giant Sea Turtle to an Ankylosaurus. The are also lots of bugs, frogs , fossils and stuffed animals strewn about. Some of them are chilling with me as I work on the project. The room I am set up in reminds me of that scene from The Never Ending Story were Bastian reads the book in that crazy looking School Attic.

Peace out!

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Eric Orchard said...

Glad you're better!
Great new pieces.