Friday, May 2, 2008

Walk like an Egyptian

Here are some pictures I took of the Egyptian murals I did for Exploration Station last week. I still cant believe my team was able to pull off the hieroglyphic wall in one day. Let me know what cha think!


Steve Schwartz said...

wow man, those pillars are flipping awesome!
i hope that little girl appreciates the work that went into that. Did you mummify her at the end of the partay?

Bill Ferguson said...

You bet you bottom dolla I did. Actually I snuck in the day before the party to clean up my supplies. The other crew took over the room and and gave me the stink eye and made me leave. I'm just joshing they are great ladies!

Duncan Barton said...

Great work man, I'm loving the space monkey... any chance we'll see a final version of it??

Anonymous said...

GEEZ, that's really great work!
How long did you spend on that room? So ambitious!

Bill Ferguson said...

About 6 days. My boss is great but she likes to keep me busy.