Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have seen the future!

Hey everybody. Between hurricane Ike and being pretty busy with all sorts of work and commissions. I apologize for loosing the fire in my loins to post. However here is the latest room I finished at the museum. The concept was "Build it Bigger" and I thought it would be sweet to have giant construction robots as well as a future skyline complete with flying cars. Once again I would like to thank my artistic colleague Jerry Parker for his tremendous help especially when I wrenched my back and could not come in to work for three days. Thanks man!

One more thing! For all you paleontologists at heart. Eh, eh, eh, em , Steve. The Houston Museum of Natural Science Is unveiling Leonardo, a Duck Bill Dinosaur with 90 percent of it's skin in tact. The dino also has undigested food still inside it's stomach. How cool is that. I really wanted to put up a clip on the blog but if you go to you can check out the clips they have posted there.


joey jacco said...

Hey Bill- thanks for the kind words! I've been keeping busy with work and personal projects, but have been doing pretty good overall. I always like seeing pictures of the rooms you're working on, especially this one. I have a soft spots for robots. I hope all is well with you.

mauricio salmon said...

bill this is fantastic. it's great design. also, i would to totally go to see the dino exhibit. if i ever make it to houston.