Sunday, October 11, 2009

a wild thing

Hey everyone. First of all I saw some great blogs featuring an homage to the new movie where the wild things are. I was a huge fan of the book back in the day. So here is a little doodle in ink. Secondly I just got back from Italy so I should be posting a truck load of pictures and some sketches. Though the trip was so intense I did not have much drawing and water color time.

By the way Italy should be a mandatory trip for all you artists and art connoisseurs out there. It is just mind blowing and pictures do not do the art, architecture and scenery justice.


Matthew said...

Grrr! it's going to eat someone.

Anyways, call me sometime and talk to me about your trip.

Are you doing the haunted house this year as well?


Bill Ferguson said...

Yeah, will do and yes the haunted house is on this year!