Monday, June 28, 2010

I've become a Merman

Hey everybody.

I can finally relax in style now that I am finished painting this beast of a mural. I feel fortunate to have had the best clients in the world Lisa and Daniel Jensen and Scott Misner. They let me stay at their home while I worked and they made me feel like a part of the family.

I had a blast painting this and it is probably the best underwater mural I have done yet.

I even tried out a new type of black light paint called Clear Neon. It goes on clear and reveals itself under black light. It is SICK and it is worth the money.

Thanks again Jensens, I'll see you at the partay!!!!



Josh Hoye said...

WOW Bill this is really awesome! So much to look at! That hammerhead is my favorite. Do you have pics of the mural with the black light? Id love to see how that looks. Again, great job on this brutha!

Bill Ferguson said...

I wish I had good ones of the black light paint Josh. I took some with my camera phone but the black light image is faint. Check out that Clear Neon though. It is majorly high tech and so professional looking but each color is about $20.

Matthew said...

Looks awesome Bill.

Makes me wonder if you 'scaled' the mermaid's lower half ;)

And the other guy is right- the hammerhead is awesome :P