Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back from Comic Paradise!!!

One of the reviewers kindly stayed late to review portfolios so this doodle is for you good sir.

A view of San Diego from the Comic Con. Superman included of course.

Hey everyone, I am back from San Diego and the Comic Con. Hands down it is the craziest event I have ever been to. I loved it and I definitely will be attending next year.

COMIC CON : 125 thousand guests, 15 thousand elaborately costumed die hard fans, comic books, collectibles, comic books, more comic books, graphic novels, even more comic books, movies, television shows, artists everywhere, bright lights, gigantic and elaborately decorated booths. It was a sight for these eyes!!!!! I even got to see some famous actors including Patton Oswald, Lou Farigno , the original Hulk, the Sponge Bob voice actor and "Imagineer God" Joe Rhodes who was amazing to talk to. Its funny when you see your favorite idols and Actors & Actresses in person you either forget their name and point your finger at their face while having a relapse in memory or think for a moment what famous person they resemble.

I also ran into Chris Sanchez and Francis Vallejo and some other friendly faces from Ringling.

Here are some sketches from the Con with a mix of Austin doodles. Oh yeah there was also a little earth quake when I was in Burbank that was a weird feeling.

Peace Out


Francis Vallejo said...

cool sketches man I should have threw superman in my airport!

Yeah comic con was wild. I never made it to one of the panels but I will next year.

all the best!

dintoons said...

wow fantastic sketches bill!! love the sketches of the good sir... and that lady(?) in shades is awesome cool! thanx for sharing, great stuff as always, take care my friend! :o)

Bill Ferguson said...

Thanks Dinesh!! Great to hear from ya.

Andy J Smith illustration said...

Nice stuff! Got a great eye! Keep the sketches coming!