Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A shout out to a very cool artist

During the Convention I saw amazing work from some very talented artists and illustrators but the style of Jeremy Bastian really grabbed me. So I wanted to give him some kudos and take a picture of the reproduction I bought from him. His style really reminds me of A.B Frost and Heinrich Kley. His website is really cool too so check out (www.jeremybastian.com)



Yeah, that's very cool. And hey your mural below is great. And I really love the sketches you've posted below as well. really great.

Bill Ferguson said...

Thanks Mr.Prigmore I will hopefully see you there next year. By the way Coraline looks amazing, congratulations on a work of pure genius!!

Alex said...

Thanks Bill for the comment.

Nice blog man!
I really like your stuff here.Amazing work,speccialy your acrylic paitings and sketches.Congrats.

Steve Schwartz said...

hey man, thanks so much for the extra comment! you're so right on the money! contour lines belong in drawings, and while they may look nice from time to time in paintings, i need to let go. Thanks so much!
how's the mural business goin? the blog's gettin mighty lonely (i'm sure one to talk)
and yes, comiccon is the best place to see some of the greats in contemporary illustration, great looking print! reminds me of a tad bit of john tenniel, but better craftsmanship.
hope all's well!

Ben Balistreri said...

Hey Bill,

That is pretty awesome, as are your murals and you're totally rad banner!

Sorrentino said...

hey hey!
thanks for sharing the knowledge!!
how did the convention work out
for you??? I hope all is well!!