Saturday, November 1, 2008

This just In.... Halloween Was AWESOME!!!!!

It's too late for me children. SAVE YOURSELVES!!! and be sure to spread the word of the Haunted Garage in the Fair Branch sub development of Alden Bridge. Free of charge Ahhhhhhh!
For god sake SPIN THE BABY, SPIN THE BABY !!!!!!
Mrs. Adriana Vargas Blake

my sister Kate and her friend Amy

yours truly zombie number 6
Stuart Dunsmore, The Vice President of the Haunted Garage and zombie number 7 suckas!!!!

my sister Kate as some character from Hogwarts

Stuart, Me, Tramayne, Adriana, Kate and Amy catching some good ole Goonies. I think we need to build a Truffle Shuffle machine for next year!!! Yeah that would be sufficient.
We were watching Gremlins. Just use your imagination

Hey everybody, Last night was an unbelievable success and The Haunted Garage was the hit of the neighborhood, hell to the yeah!!!!!! My friend Stuart and I worked our asses off but the crowds reaction was well worth the many hours of work . My favorite part was when we had repeat kids and adults going through again and again and again. The funniest was a two year old little guy who must have dragged his Dad through 21 times, I kid you not!!! Also thank you to all the friends and coworkers who dropped by too for the partay afterwards!

Any way here are a truckload of pictures and I will be downloading a walk through film of the garage soon. So stay tuned!!! Hope everyone had a good Halloween as well!

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