Friday, January 30, 2009

Work in the oven

Hey, hey, hey everyone. Since 2009 is supposedly a year of change I promise to have lots of new work! Starting with this work in progress. Hope you like it and if you feel something needs to be changed or added to it before I finish this bad boy, let me know. On a side note, lets hope for a strengthening economy too.


Josh Hoye said...

WOW. holy mother. this is a great start buddy!! man, cant wait to see the final. awesome.

Steve Schwartz said...

i second the motion...WOW.
this is great man! i love it! reminds me of the opening shot of the amazing screw on head tv pilot (
i have a feeling this will be a funkin great year for you man.

Matthew said...

Return to castle wolfenstein anyone?

P.S. Light up the eyes with unholy fire or moonlight glow and have a thrown grenade. Some blood soaked earth would be good with a nice sticky glean.

For the soldiers : It looks like ww2 historic but the rifles look more like WWI

As always Hello from Jersey and send me a skeleton head so I can freak out my family ~ Matt

Duncan Barton said...

Hahaha, Dammit, Bill- I really miss going to your bayou apartment and seeing your work lying around. Very, very, very inspiring. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in '09 and I like where you're going with this.