Thursday, May 21, 2009

Auction Night!!

An Adriana original on my chest o drawers.
The Carl Fredrickson sketch in the middle.

Hey y'all, I was going to post this tomorrow but I can't sleep at the moment. On Thursday night the old High School had a silent art auction featuring work donated by teachers, students and alumni such as myself, Adriana Blake, Travis Hathaway from "Pixar" and Justin Harder from "Reel FX". I am pleased to announce that the auction was a grand success and Adriana and I sold every piece we donated. Travis submitted a drawing of Carl, a character from the upcoming Pixar film "Up". His sketch had about 6 bids by the time the auction closed. The best part was the proceeds went to college scholarships for the high schoolers graduating this year and lord knows they need that mullah for art school.


Adriana said...

Thanks again for helping out on all this! I really wish I could have been there...anyway, I'm glad things went well :D

Steve Schwartz said...

I HAVE THAT HENDRIX! on my bedroom wall, me thinks. it's sad that i can't remember that.