Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last class today :(

I just turned in my last assignment for the design class I am taking. The project was to take the lyrics of a song and design a piece based on those lyrics. Naturally I chose "Land Of Confusion" by Genesis because it is the best song in the galaxy. Everything in the composition is from a stock photo site but this piece was a good challenge as far as manipulating, adding and subtracting from the images I had to work with. Hope y'all like it and stay tuned for more to come.


dintoons said...

lovely collage, "confused" as it may be! was it done in photoshop? lately i've been taking classes in PS CS2, and really beginning to enjoy the art of digital photo manipulation :)

waiting to see more of your new passion in GD! :)

Bill Ferguson said...

Thank you Dinesh!

Bill Ferguson said...

Yes it is Photoshop CS3. Though CS2 is just as good too. I also used stock photos from the stock exchange website. Thanks again sir.