Monday, October 27, 2008

The Firefly and The Stars

I am pleased to announce the short animated film The Firefly and The Stars is on the web and available for purchase. It was directed and animated by the unbelievably talented and genuinely nice Adriana Vargas Blake. I also have to give props to the small team of animators clean up artist and technicians at Stone Soup Traditional Animation that put their passion into this great film.
I am glad to have had the privilege to work on the children's book to go along with the film and I agree that it is just a good hearted timeless tale!
So please take a look at and enjoy the hard work that Adriana and everyone at Stone Soup have put into this great piece of film



Sorrentino said...

Wow mr. bill you really put a lot of work into this piece! It's a well done mix of tone and mood and color!

Adriana said...

Thanks for helping spread the word! :D

mauricio salmon said...

awesome bill! those illos look good.

rolph vassor 305.720.7844 said...

wow good job sir nice series.
uhh things are going really good and i'm just trying to make it even better... how r u?