Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Whats on the docket today!

The museum is hoping to fill a big fish tank with Piranha. Right now it has little cheap fish pooping and peeing in the tank water to bring down the PH and thus not poison and kill the very expensive Piranha when they arrive.

In the meantime to make our aggressive friends with under bites feel at home my boss thought it would be cool to make the tank look like a little portion of the Amazon river. So here is the plan so far. The photoshop painting is a little crusty but it is just what I need to figure out how I will approach the surrounding tank. Let me know what yas think.


Josh Hoye said...

WHEW! Thats going to look amazing when finished!! I wanna see close-ups when you do it. Look'n good sir.

Matthew said...

Hey bill try to get some 3d buildup of the lower vegetation. maybe in a plastic.

Bill Ferguson said...

Yeah that would be cool Matt. How are things in Jersey?