Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Straight Talk Express!!

I felt compelled to do a caricature of one of the candidates since the presidential race is in full swing. I was watching the latest Presidential debate and couldn't help but laugh that Senator John McCain looked like he was in so much pain during the debate. I was waiting for him to tell Tom Brokaw to pass the question to Senator Barrack Obama because he couldn't bare to stand up and speak to the audience continuously.
My favorite comment from Senator McCain was in response to the dangerous results of using and disposing of Nuclear power. He said something like "I was on a nuclear submarine during the war for crying out loud and look at me now I am as healthy as a horse". After making the comment he then slowly hobbled away in agony. My friends, it's not easy running for the presidency my friends, my friends.


Matthew said...

ummm. (just don't vote for the other guy) but where's the rocket pack on the wheelchair?

Adriana said...

"Sexy Grandpa"...haha!

numa said...

thanks for stopping by. keep up the good work!